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What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

Do you remember the name of your childhood librarian? What were your favorite books as a child?

From T.C. Boyle to Lois Capps, everyone has a story about their first library experience.

Read on to discover the library stories of some of our community leaders, then share your own story with us by emailing development@SBLibraryFoundation.org.

“We are a family of three generations of library goers. As a child, I loved the suspense of reading Heidi and Nancy Drew. The potential of a library is endless, from staying in touch with current affairs to opening new horizons. No matter your interest, you can learn more about it at the library. Libraries bring families and people together.”


“I have fond memories of reading Charlotte’s Web. In hindsight, it expresses some of my favorite values—compassion, love, observation, kindness, and empathy. Reading truly gives me perspective, the chance to be in someone else’s shoes, and the opportunity to be anyone or go anywhere.”


“I am a devotee of the creatures of the world, and Jack London made them come to life for me in White Fang. As a writer, it is no surprise I have a love for reading; it gives me the ability to shut out the rest of the very noisy and video-obsessed world. We need to hook our children on reading now so that they will be there to support the library in fifty years.”