What We Fund

The Library Plaza Campaign

Join us in opening doors to expanded experiences in literacy, learning and adventure while honoring Santa Barbara’s historic, cultural and architectural significance with our Library Plaza.

For over 100 years the Santa Barbara Public Library has continually grown to meet the evolving needs of our community. It has served as a hub for lifelong literacy and civic participation, a gathering place for children to learn, a catalyst for imaginations of all ages, and a virtual refuge. Community building happens at the Library: people come together for inspiration, education, fun, engagement, and leave feeling a stronger sense of community.



Gathering in the heart of the Cultural Arts District welcomes our entire community.


Learning abounds for our entire community, with free services, resources, and fun!


Growing to meet the evolving needs of our community, our Library is a hub for lifelong literacy and civic participation.


Campaign Cabinet
Janet Garufis Campaign Co-chair Jim Jackson Campaign Co-chair


Anna Alldredge, Mark Asman, Bob Bason, Jessica Cadiente, Susan Case, Zora Charles, Marni Cooney, Emily Engel. Christie Glanville, Anna Grotenhuis, Anne Howard, Roy Martinez, Anne Towbes, Martha Townsend, Leslie Zemeckis


Communication & Cultivation Committee
Chair- Anna Alldredge


Laura Capps, Erik Davis, Hannah-Beth Jackson, Gwyn Lurie-Firestein, Kendall Pata


Major Gifts Committee
Chair- Anna Alldredge


Marni Cooney, Emily Engel, Roy Martinez, David McFadden, Martha Townsend


Library Plaza Honorary Committee
Peter MacDougall- Honorary Committee Co-chair
Anne Towbes- Honorary Committee Co-chair


Carol and Bob Bason, Sharon and David Bradford, Laura Capps, Lois Capps, Susan and Claude Case, Zora and Les Charles, Hal Conklin, Jelinda and Barry DeVorzon, Christine and Robert Emmons, Christie and John Glanville, Anna Grotenhuis, Susan and Gary Gulbransen, Judith Hopkinson, Joan and Palmer Jackson, Peter and Gerd Jordano, Herbert Kendall, Jill and Neil Levinson, Kandy Luria-Budgor, Patty and John MacFarlane, Irene Macias, Mercedes Millington and Jack C. Mithun, Natalie Orfalea, Joanne and Brian Rapp, Mary and John Romo, Ken and Jo Saxon, Maryan Schall, Elizabeth and Kenny Slaught, Diane Sullivan, Lynne Tahmisian, Carrie Towbes, Maureen White , Barbara Hauter Woodward, John C. Woodward


Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation Board
Anne Howard, President, Emily Engel, Vice President, Brooke McDermott, Treasurer, Jim Sterne, Secretary, Alan Brumberger, Mark Cardona, Susan Case, Bob Fulmer, Jim Jackson, Irene Kelly, Linda Lorenzen, Roy Martinez, Art Merovick, Stephanie Riordan


To learn more, please contact us at 805.689.2448 or email.

Alan Brumberger is a graduate of Yale University, the University of Michigan Law School and Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. Mr. Brumberger was the Chief Executive Officer and General Securities Principal for Emerald Point Capital, LLC., a FINRA Registered Broker Dealer in New York. He has held numerous leadership positions and Board memberships in various philanthropic organizations and investment banking firms including President and CEO of Shearson American Express International Limited, the firm's international investment banking arm in London. He is excited to do his part to help the Santa Barbara Public Library continue and build upon its remarkable record of being a fundamental community resource in broadening our citizens’ literacy.