What’s Happening

More than Bricks

More than Bricks

Our Public Library empowers people by providing them with access to information and helping them to fulfill needs related to health, government services, and community engagement. The Library Plaza will provide an urban green space that will sustainably grow with our community as they come together at the Public Library.
Library Programs

The new Plaza will not only improve the Library with additional program space for community cultural events—such as pre-concert lectures, post-performance receptions, art opening receptions– but will remove the blight that now mars this block of Santa Barbara’s downtown. And the new Library Plaza will allow the Library to expand programming to include a wide variety of community resources, including:

•Storytimes •Book Fairs •Local Author Fairs •Career fairs

Library Space

Public gathering spaces are the heartbeat of a city. The public square not only provides a venue for events, celebrations and learning, but also reflects the character and spirit of the community. The new Library Plaza will provide expanded space for Outdoor Learning and Special Event Space for small groups, or up to 1,200 people!

Our Community

Everyone benefits when we have a beautiful community space to share or even just drive passed. We can all take pride in our community when our shared spaces are maintained and used for the collective good. The Library welcomes all and provides services to support those in need with referrals to local agencies, job placement resources, and computer/internet, and opportunities to grow. Now more than ever it is critical to provide our community with a safe open-air public square to gather, to grow, to learn, to civically participate, and to honor our rich and diverse cultural heritage.