The Library Plaza Campaign

The Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation is working to revitalize the Library Plaza—10,000 square feet of programmable space between the Library and the Museum of Art. Honoring Santa Barbara’s historic, cultural and architectural significance, a new Library Plaza will meet the needs of the 21st Century.


For over 100 years the Santa Barbara Public Library has continually grown to meet the evolving needs of our community. It has served as a hub for lifelong literacy and civic participation, a gathering place for children to learn, a catalyst for imaginations of all ages, and a virtual refuge. Community building happens at the Library: people come together for inspiration, education, fun, engagement, and leave feeling a stronger sense of community.

While the Santa Barbara Public Library was recognized as an historic landmark in 2012, it is more than an artifact of the past. It has continually served the public’s evolving needs as a bustling and ever-changing community center.

A newly imagined Library Plaza will not only open doors to expanded experiences in literacy, learning, and adventure but will rebuild our downtown and anchor our historic Cultural Arts District with an attractive, safe and accessible outdoor space.


In its current state Library Plaza is inaccessible, unsafe, and creates barriers rather than a unifying space. Now more than ever it is critical to provide our community with a safe open-air public square to gather, to grow, to learn, to civically participate, and to honor our rich and diverse cultural heritage. It will require significant financial support from individuals, businesses, and foundations so that this centrally located space can rebuild downtown and become a regathering place for Santa Barbara. We have the opportunity grow and create a legacy for generations to come.

To learn more, please contact us at 805.689.2448 or email.


Alan Brumberger is a graduate of Yale University, the University of Michigan Law School and Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. Mr. Brumberger is the Chief Executive Officer and General Securities Principal for Emerald Point Capital, LLC a FINRA Registered Broker Dealer in New York. He has held numerous leadership positions and Board memberships in various philanthropic organizations and investment banking firms including President and CEO of Shearson American Express International Limited, the firm’s international investment banking arm in London. He is excited to do his part to help the Santa Barbara Public Library continue and build upon its remarkable record of being a fundamental community resource in broadening our citizens’ literacy.